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Online divination for relationships on a daisy

Almost every person wants to know what awaits him in the future. And the number of ways to find out is huge. Perhaps the closest and simplest is divination on a daisy. It has been known in Russia since ancient times. The legends say that daisy blossoms in the places where the stars fell.

At ancient egypt this flower was associated with the sun god Ra. Which is not surprising, because the daisy resembles the sun with petals that are perfectly associated with the roads or life paths of people.
How to guess correctly:

  • Fortune telling only in sunny weather, when the flowers are fully revealed.
  • Do not stop at the first flower that comes across. Choose the daisy that you like the most.
  • The flower is kept right hand, the petals are torn off by the left.
  • Aloud or mentally pronounce the necessary words that depend on the given meaning of divination.
  • Repeat them until the petals are torn off to the last, it is he who carries the final meaning.

Fortune tellingLoves does not love

Every girl is familiar with love divination on a daisy. It is easy to learn about the feelings of a loved one, fortune-telling consists in picking off the petals, each of which carries a certain meaning. The last petal gives an accurate answer about your lover’s feelings for you.

To perform the ritual, do a few things. Having picked up a suitable flower, look into the sky and think of a person whose feelings are of interest. Tearing off the petals, say the following words:

  1. loves;
  2. does not love;
  3. kiss;
  4. spit;
  5. will press to the heart;
  6. send to hell;
  7. loves sincerely;
  8. doubts;
  9. waiting for reciprocity;
  10. scoffs.

The last petal will answer the question. Do not forget that you need to guess on women’s days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, only in solitude. Otherwise, the answer may be incorrect.
Other divination on daisy

“Loves does not love” is not the only variation of fortune-telling on daisy. Other methods are equally popular.

The legend of divination on daisy

This beautiful flower, which we all used at least once for divination, has been considered magical since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians considered daisies to be small earthly incarnations of the sun god Ra. Other beliefs claim that these wonderful flowers bloom where the stars fall from the sky.

Romash went in search. He wandered for a long time, but without success. And so, one day in a forest clearing, he met the Guardian of Dreams and shared his misfortune with him. The keeper said that he could give his beloved girl a whole field of daisies, but in return the guy should stay in the realm of dreams forever. Romash agreed to this act for the sake of the happiness of his beloved.

The next morning, the girl woke up and saw a huge field of beautiful daisies in front of her window and realized that she would never see her beloved again. She gave these flowers to humanity as a reminder of her eternal and pure love. Since then, young people have been conducting fortune-telling on daisy “Loves, does not love, spit, kiss”, tearing off the petals and remembering those who have won a strong place in their hearts.

The most popular way to help learn about the feelings of a loved one with the help of a flower is as follows. You need to pick a growing daisy, thinking about the person you have feelings for, and then tear off the petals from the flower one by one, saying one phrase for each of them: love, dislike, spit, kiss, press to the heart, send to hell. You need to repeat the phrases and cut off the petals until not a single petal remains on the flower. The phrase that matches the last petal will show the feelings of your loved one.